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An effective HR Program must be managed and maintained with a focus on team recruitment, team development and team optimization.

  1. HR Management
    The role of an HR professional continues to change as company and corporate leaders include HR in the organization's strategic planning process and operation's improvement. HR is now included in operations management issues and responsible for performance outcomes. Don't be afraid to mentor others and make things happen! Continuous Team Member training and coaching produces positive performance results.
  2. Organization Development
    Organization Development is the coordination and utilization of resources in order to achieve defined goals and specified outcomes. Organization Development has some similar comparisons to Project Management, but Organization Development is not finite in duration, nor limited to the number of resources necessary to accomplish its objective. Organization Development is an on-going event and need to be monitored and managed accordingly.
  3. Profit Management
    Profitability is a common goal for any company. Understanding and managing the workflow, team contribution via participation, and realized outcomes will produce a product or service that provides value, growth and a loyal following. Continuously manage the processes, procedures and practices and don't overlook the value of your team and their contribution via their development.
  4. Recruitment
    Team member recruitment does not have to be a hit-or-miss activity. A quality candidate is out there, you just have to find him or her. Finding the right candidate takes time, money, patience, and sometimes a little luck. There is such a wide spectrum of candidate specialties and experiences that can be managed in order to achieve company objectives and team cohesiveness. Choose the "best" candidate and continue to build the "right" culture .
  5. Risk Management
    A Risk Management Program saves a company time and money! Every company, no matter the industry, is susceptible to some form of risk. Companies that identify and address their risk are usually the successful ones. The Risk Management concept is based on a proactive approach and is therefore, focused on preventing a company liability. A liability loss is basically a loss of revenue (a cost) due to an operation mishap or misadventure. This loss can take the shape of many different forms.
  6. HR Role
    Strategic planning and performance metrics requires a more comprehensive approach to the design and effectiveness of an HR and Talent Management Program. Program success is now defined by business measures/metrics, risk management exposure and human capital optimization. A company's vision, mission, culture and community interaction must never be compromised or lost during periods of operation change or development.
A competent and qualified HR Leader can establish HR Processes and HR Programs that are innovative and reflective of "real time" company issues, challenges and opportunities.  Creative suggestions or a timely resolution to convoluted or complicated matters is invaluable.  If your not getting this direction from your HR Leader, maybe you should ask why not?