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During my years of Consulting, I have encountered a myriad of operation challenges and leadership deficits.  Below I have identified a few of my observations:

  1. Team engagement is extremely important.  Isolating the team or team members does not work.  I experienced a company that deterred departments from sharing information with other departments thus creating a Silo Effect.  Wow!  This management style does not work, especially for a sales company looking to innovate and modernize their product line.  This policy created barriers between departments and impeded the development of new product concepts and new product production.  These barriers reinforced a "reactive" mindset versus a "proactive" culture.
  2. A common practice is the lack of Company's leadership to communicate with Team Members regarding the Company vision, Company direction, Company achievements, or Company challenges.  This leadership style often produced a workplace environment that cultivated a company culture of Team Member distrust, lack of company pride, lack of company loyalty, a reduction in company efficiency, a reduction in company production and a reduction in company sales.
  3. Company Culture- You would be surprised at the lack of a Company Culture as defined and practiced by leadership and teams.  It doesn't matter the size of the company, I have experienced this enigma in both large and small companies.  Here is the issue.  A defined Company Culture should address the following issues: Who are we as a Company?  What are our values and do we enforce them?  By what standards and principles do we operate?  Why do we operate as we do?  Is our operation's approach enough to produce Company stability and growth?  A company that lacks a defined and practiced (applied) Company Culture often times has a high team member turnover rate, a high absentee rate, operation inefficiencies, a lack of team member pride and loyalty-a don't care attitude, and so much more.  All negative contributors to a companies success and future growth.