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Companies are constantly evaluating their operations for opportunities to become more efficient, effective and profitable.  Growth companies never stop seeking ways to separate their products and/or services from their competitors or next best alternatives.  In order to sustain company growth and facilitate company wellness (company profitability, brand awareness, company stability, company culture, etc.), it is imperative that all company programs are evaluated for their contribution to the success of the company. 

I have always applied my concept of "DDIE" when I am tasked with evaluating a company's performance or a program's contribution to the growth or wellness of a company.  The Execute Phase will help to identify your program gains via your established performance benchmarks and performance metrics.  Good Luck!    William Burda, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, LHRM
DESIGN - The "Design" phase must define a program's objectives, all resources required to facilitate and achieve the objectives, challenges that may limit or impede the success of the program, timetable by which the "Design" is desired and the metrics by which the success or failure of the program will be measured.
DEVELOP - The "Develop" phase must incorporate the design inititives into a comprehensible presentation that can be discussed by teams and modified according to team input based on their experience, their professional needs and their commitment to the success of the program.

IMPLEMENT - The "Implementation" phase must be coordinated via a schedule of assigned tasks, duties and responsibilities that have been delegated to specific program teams and individual team members.  
EXECUTE - The "Execute" phase is an on-going practice that requires a constant evaluation of the program's successes and/or failures.  Are program objectives being achieved and if not, why not?  Does the new program benefit the company via product or service delivery, added customer value, team member participation and company wellness?